I met Shenna Vaughn while on a Goddess-on-the-Go Retreat in Hawaii in 2015.  From the beginning, it was apparent that she was a vibrant personality; as a matter of fact, she was the first individual that I photographed.  But, it was so special to learn that she is also a talented artist who has shown and sold her works across the U.S. and in the Caribbean.  So, it is with deep pleasure to announce that I will be commissioning Shenna to create an art piece, for me, to commemorate my 60th birthday coming up in October 2016.

Glad to meet you Goddess.  Keep on keeping on!!!

-Corona Johnson 


“Having collected several works of art from Shenna Vaughn, I am at the point in my life where my home and office does not feel complete without the presence of her art. Her pieces provoke thoughts, feelings, and emotions, and exploring her art is like being on a wonderful journey. In the past she has taken my thoughts and put them onto canvas in a way that spoke to my heart, and far surpassed my imagination. Shenna’s integrity as a person, artist, and professional is of the highest degree. Working with her is not only a pleasure, it is an honor.”

-Robinson Lynn, CEO Momentum Education


“My experience with Shenna Vaughn was more than pleasant, it was a pleasure to share my vision and to see how she’d express my views within her expertise. I gave her full control on the turn out and it was beyond anything I could ever imagine; Not only was it a very beautiful piece but it was well thought out. Between the value of colors and the natural flow of each piece it brought beautiful tears to my wife’s eyes she enjoyed it thoroughly. It really hit home for us so, I thank you,  Shenna everything was dope from the painting to the professionalism blessings…”
– Josh Powell, NBA

“Shenna’s work is truly captivating. We have a piece hanging in our entryway. Her work is simple yet thought provoking. The way she fuses textures, tones and depth is like no other. Her creativity is endless, which guarantees no two pieces are ever alike. We look forward to adding to our collection.”
-Jacquetta & Ernest Edwards

“Not only are her Works intentionally “woke” it tunes into a lot of complex emotions that most artists don’t usually embrace. Her different experiences transfer throughout her collages of color to form an expression that touches her audience no matter what walk of life they’ve encountered. I’ve come to adore her modern-day works more so of its use of empowering the natural black woman, showing how she values her own femininity whilst building her fellow peers own self-love. From sampling unity between races to Valuing abstract forms of Art she seems to effortlessly transfer her passion onto canvas clothes and even murals on walls of those who are Keen of her worldly View.”
– Dominaisa  Ikard

“I purchased several pieces of artwork from Shenna Vaughn,  visionary artist, who is aspiring to be one of the great artists of our time. I love her attention to detail, the deep rich sharp colors that stirs your emotions and the three dimension depth of her work. Shenna is more than an artist, she is a healer and a storyteller whose work  evokes a sense of emotion and connection with the owner of the piece.  Her abstract style has its own movement  which gives meaning and divine information about human affairs.  She paints each piece with a spiritual message and unique personality with the intent to  heal and touched the soul.”
– Helen Pickett

“Shenna Vaughn is in my eyes an incredible artist. The first time I saw photos of her paintings I had goose bumps. Shenna’s art goes right under your skin. The combination of her colours are out of this world. If I had the money I would buy a lot of her paintings and create my own Shenna Vaughn Gallery in my house knowing that her spirit filled art would provide a very special atmosphere. What makes Shenna’s art so unique and outstanding? I believe it is the delicious cocktail of her amazing talent, deep spirituality and her love for humanity.

I never ever thought that I would order and promise to pay for a painting I had never seen. And yet I did by trusting Shenna whole heartedly and entrusting her with my story. I was speechless and overjoyed when Shenna presented me with a finished painting, which speaks to me in so many ways. I wish Shenna every success in life. Love you Shenna, you rock!!!!!!!!!”
– Charlotte Common